Peace Stories



Peace People 2004 Documentary by Kathleen Gallagher and Ruth Greenaway, National Radio, Environment Show, 2004.
Featuring a compilation of interviews with peace activists: Rev. Alan Brash, Jack Rogers, Mary Woodward, Dr. Kate Dewes, Jules and Lynda Topp, Maire Leadbeater, Larry Ross and Pauline Tangiora

Reverend Dr. George Armstrong

Interview with George Armstrong transcribed oral interview by Ruth Greenaway, 21 July 2003.

"Dr George Armstrong, New Zealand renegade priest, human rights and nuclear protester, trendsetting humanitarian" interviewed by Tim Lynch, GreenplanetFM, 25 August 2016.

"The Peace Squadron Revisited" by George Armstrong in Pursuing Peace in Godzone, ed. by Geoffrey Troughton and Philip Fountain, 2018, pp. 56-73.

"Turn this bloody thing around!" interview with George Armstrong by Justin Gregory, Eyewitness, Radio New Zealand, 26 October 2016.

'Feature Guest - George Armstrong' interviewed by Katharyn Asare, Nine to Noon, Radio New Zealand, 12 August 2011.


Maire Leadbeater

Interview with Maire Leadbeater, interviewed by Sarah Greenaway, 21 May 2004.

"Maire Leadbeater on Peace and Social Justice" interviewed by Tim Lynch, GreenplanetFM, 25 October 2015.

"Maire Leadbeater, PMC research associate" Pacific Media Centre.


Mary Woodward

Edited transcript of an interview with Mary Woodward, interviewed by Ruth Greenaway in Auckland, 23rd July, 2003.


Muriel Morrison

Muriel Morrison

The Life of a Woman - Muriel Morrison Part 1 - Part 4 by Elwyn Clements, 1994.

The Life of a Woman - Muriel Morrison Part 5 - Part 12 by Elwyn Clements, 1994.