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Nuclear Exodus: The Rongelap Evacuation

May 4, 2015
Eyes of Fire

Nuclear Exodus is a damning indictment of nuclear testing in the Pacific – mainly American and French tests. The documentary tells the tragic story of the contamination by radioactive fallout of the people of Rongelap Atoll in the Marshall Islands during 1954. It portrays their evacuation three decades later by the Greenpeace flagship Rainbow Warrior. And then came the bombing. In New Zealand, on 10 July 1985, the ship was sabotaged by secret agents in a bizarre bid to defend French nuclear testing in the Pacific. The video was awarded a NZ Media Peace Prize citation in 1986.

1986. 12 min.

Based on photographs from David Robie’s 1986 Rongelap Evacuation photographic exhibition.
Produced by Aroha Productions in association with Television New Zealand.
Director: Chris Cooper
Producers: Chris Cooper, Michael Fleck and David Robie
Scriptwriter: David Robie
Photographs: David Robie, Fernando Pereira, Gil Hanly, John Miller, Matthew McKee
Narrators: Foufou Susana Hukui and Nathaniel Lees
Music: Kevin Watson

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