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It is the Trident submarine captain, not the UK PM, who “presses the button”.

December 16, 2019
Although the Prime Minister makes the decision to fire, it is actually the Trident captain who has the ultimate responsibility of deciding if turning his ‘Captain’s Key’ is justified and lawful.
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World-changing peace campaigners donate collection to UC archives

November 1, 2019
University of Canterbury archivists and researchers are welcoming an exciting new acquisition donated by renowned international peace campaigners to the Macmillan Brown Archives
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Interview: Disarmament and Security Centre

August 20, 2019
War! What is it good for? And indeed, what is it good for? The words of this protest song may very well be relevant even today. I interviewed Mrs Lucy Stewart of the Disarmament and Security centre.
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August 6, 2019
In 2019 'GENERATION ME' has hit the stage, letting everyone know how lazy and self-obsessed they are. But could there be more to the story, and are they closer to their elders than we think?
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European Nuclear Disarmament Newsletter, Issue 5

July 1, 2019
END Newsletter, featuring Commander Robert Green's new book and a joint letter on the Iran situation.
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The world’s nuclear weapons & security without nuclear deterrence

November 5, 2018
Nuclear Industries Blog on Commander Robert Green Royal Navy (ret'd) book 'Security without Nuclear Deterrence'.
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Remembering Conscientious Objectors—Bay Harbour News

October 10, 2018
Margaret Lovell-Smith speaks about remembering the New Zealanders who took a stand against World War 1.
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Peace Protest Banner Donated to Canterbury Museum–Scoop News

September 6, 2018
A colourful banner used by New Zealanders at anti-nuclear protests around the world has been gifted to Canterbury Museum.
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The Cost of Conflict and the Price of Peace—Waiheke Weekender

July 26, 2018
DSC Coordinator, Lucy Stewart, was interviewed about her disarmament work and the path that lead her to work in this field.
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KuiA Pauline Tangiora to receive the 2018 Wisdom Fellowship Award in the US in July 2018–DSC Press Release

May 1, 2018
Mahia kuia and long-time peacemaker Mrs Pauline Tangiora has recently been announced as the 2018 recipient of the Wisdom Fellowship Award by the Sacred Fire Foundation based in Berkeley, USA.
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